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There’s been a lot of meta and spec on my dash about Visionary and an awful lot of it is quite interesting and so I just wanted to put these in one place for the sake of comparison. 

Last night’s episode had its confusing moments, at least some of which was caused by things seeming out of line with timeline (which is just further enhanced by the discussion of ages that is also left vague). As a result, a number of people have speculated that the story Peter told is not about Derek, but about himself. Others have commented on young Derek’s blue eyes, noting that they are quite different in colour from the blue we’ve seen Derek’s eyes glow before and that this may be significant. All of this ended up at me wanting to see a comparison of the blues and determining that while flashback Derek’s eyes are not, in fact, the same colour as adult Derek’s eyes, they are awfully similar to Peter’s, which would seem to support the idea that this is actually Peter’s past rather than Derek’s. 

I don’t know if this actually means anything, we can never really know with this show until we’re told, but it is definitely something potentially interesting to note.

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